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CREW FAQs & Feedback

CREW FAQs & Feedback

Query related to CD2020/8

Q – Could you please clarify whether you are looking for expert opinion based on direct experience with the impacts of flicker on fresh water, or are you looking for opinion based on a review of the literature?

A – There is little published/grey literature to draw on to answer the questions, so the Call aims to address a “knowledge gap”. We want bidders to undertake a thorough review of the literature and, using the information gathered from available peer-reviewed and grey literature, develop an informed view as to whether such an impact actually exists (for Atlantic salmon in rivers), and ways in which we could address this going forward (both in terms of science and possible mitigation). 

Some FAQs:

Q – How does CREW funding work?

A – There are two types of funding available: Call-down and capacity building. Call-down projects typically require a quick turnaround time (24 hours-3 months) and respond to a very specific policy question. Capacity building projects have longer turnaround times (3-18 months) and are more strategic in nature, but still relate to a direct policy request. There is no predictable schedule for funding announcements since requests for projects are submitted as need arises, so please check the website frequently or request to join the register of expertise if you would like to be contacted when new projects are announced.

Q – Who requests and uses CREW research?  

A – CREW delivers easily accessible research and expert opinion to support Scottish Government and its delivery partners (Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Drinking Water Quality Regulator, Scottish Water, Scottish Natural Heritage) in the development and implementation of water policy in Scotland. The requests for the research are made by these groups to CREW, with the outputs of the projects used to inform policy decisions. The outputs are also published on the CREW website.

Q – Do I need to work with someone from the James Hutton Institute to prepare a proposal or are independent proposals expected from HEIs? 

A – When tendering, the HEIs are expected only to address the areas specified as being HEI within the project description provided. Depending on the proposal, this may be the entire project or a specific portion of a larger project. You do not need to work with someone from the James Hutton Institute to prepare a proposal if this is not specified, but where noted, collaborative approaches are encouraged. If you have any questions about proposals, especially collaborative opportunities, please contact Dr. Emma Defew for clarification. All non-confidential queries and answers will be published on this website.

Q – Can non-HEI or non-Scottish HEI involvement be included in a proposal? 

A – CREW funding is open to submissions from all relevant Scottish Universities, SEFARI Institutes, National Research Centres (NERC Centre Surveys such as the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology or British Geological Survey, and the Met Office) and the James Hutton Institute. In line with the existing focus on building capacity within Scotland, there must be a Scottish HEI/James Hutton Institute partner for any research projects led by a non-Scottish HEI or research institute. CREW cannot directly fund consultancies, but consultants and SMEs can work in partnership with a HEI. In this circumstance, the consultant works as a sub-contractor to the HEI who retains full responsibility for the delivery of the project.

Q – How are proposals evaluated?

A – Projects are evaluated by a team, composed of one person from CREW and two relevant end users. Projects are evaluated using the following criteria:

·       How well does the proposal fit the funding call?

·       Does it propose an appropriate methodology?

·       Are the resources, expertise and facilities appropriate for conducting the proposed work?

·       Are the proposed allocation of staff time and effort appropriate?

·       Does the proposal represent good value for money?

·       What is the ability/track record of the project team to deliver on time and to budget?

Q – What are the benefits of working on a CREW project as a HEI researcher?

A –The demand-driven nature of CREW projects ensures that all projects are immediately relevant, with the potential for high-impact results in water policy. CREW projects also help create and strengthen connections between researchers at different institutions and between researchers and end users, enhancing your network in the Scottish water community.  

Q – Would the research team be able to freely publish any results in journals? 

A – Generally, publications are encouraged, subject to the conditions of the contract. CREW and ultimately the relevant end user would have to have sight of the draft publication prior to its submission and be at liberty to comment upon it. The full details of any IP rights are provided within contracts when awards are made.

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