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Past CREW projects

Past CREW projects

Below are some of the CREW projects that have involved an HEI. This is not a list of all CREW projects.
2021 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Establishing the potential influence of beaver activity on the natural functioning of rivers and streams and water resource management in ScotlandAberdeen UniversityJosie Geris
A review of small sewage systems: guidance on small sewage systems in Scotland and approaches to these systems in other countriesGCUKarin Helwig
Review of wastewater monitoring applications for public health and environmental qualityBath UniversityBarbara Kasprzyk-Hordern
One Health Research into Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR): A Register of the Research Literature, Projects and Collaborations in Scotland.SRUC, JHI, Aberdeen University, Moredun & Edinburgh UniversityNicola Holden, Sue Tongue, Lisa Avery, Karen Scott, Eleanor Watson & Thamarai Schneiders
2020 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Applying water treatment sludges to land: opportunities and implicationsAbertay UniversityDaniel Gilmour
Sediment continuity through run-of-river hydro schemesUniversity of GlasgowRichard Williams
Taking a collaborative approach in the water sector: lessons learned from the Metropolitan Glasgow Startgeic Drainage PartnershipAbertay UniversityAlison Duffy
Scoping the devlopment of a model to estimate phosphorus loads to water from septic tanksUniversity of DundeeSarah Halliday
How to effectively communicate flood risk and climate change projections in the context of flood riskGCUFiona Henderson
Effectiveness of construction mitigation measures to avoid or minimise impact to groundwater dependent wetlands and to peat hydrologyAbertay UniversityDaniel Gilmour
2019 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Slender Naiad (Najas flexilis) Habitat Quality AssessmentCEHLaurence Cavalho
2018 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Pathways of diffuse pollution to the water environment: pollution to the water environment: state of knowledge and communicating best practiceSRUCJoanna Cloy
Reduction of pharmaceuticals in the water environment: baseline assessment and recommendationsGCU & UHIKarin Helwig (GCU) & Stuart Gibb (UHI)
Leven catchment inititive – synthesis of current knowledge to help identify environmental management priorities to improve the water environmentCEHLinda May et al.
Understanding the impact of incremental and piecemeal functional floodplain loss in ScotlandUniversity of GlasgowRichard Williams & Georgios Maniatis
2017 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Factoring ecological significance of sources into phosphorus source apportionment Phase 2CEHLinda May
Water & the circular economy: where is the greatest sustainable economic benefit for resource recovery in the water cycle?University of AberdeenDavide Dionisi
National Coastal Change Assessment 2: Enhancing the evidence base and our ablity to adaptUniversity of GlasgowJim Hansom
Private Water Supplies: Are they inhibiting growth and flexiblity of the rural economy, or imapcting population distribution?Glasgow Caledonian UniversityPaul Teedon
Diffuse Pollution WorkshopCEHLinda May
Diffuse Pollution WorkshopADASSteve Anthony
Unitar Review – Module 2University of DundeeDavid Blackwood
Unitar Review – Module 3Edinburgh UniversityAna Maria Daza Vargus
2016 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
The Ganga River Health ProjectUniversity of DundeeAndrew Allan
EU Interreg North Sea Region Building with Nature project 2015-20University of DundeeChristopher Spray
Investigating the potential for SuDS retrofitting in industrial estatesHeriot WattScott Arthur
Valuing your soils phase II: farmer engagement/awareness raisingSRUCJoanna Cloy
Scotland’s Water Sector Map – Hydro NationUniversity of DundeeDavid Blackwood
Quantifying rates of urban creep in ScotlandCEHJames Miller
Investigating the sensitivity of river wetted habitat to changes in flowCEHFrancois Edwards
Assessing the impacts on people and communities following the December 2015/January 2016 flood eventsUniversity of AberdeenLorna Philip
An independant evaluation of the “Integrated Water Resource Management – Southern Malawi” project on behalf of Scottish GovernmentUniversity of AbertayDavid Blackwood
Assessing the effectiveness of Scotland’s public flood warning serviceUniversity of DundeeAndrew Black
A review of current practice in the provision of water and wastewater services by private developersUniversity of AbertayDavid Blackwood
Investigating opportunities for improving SEPA’s National Coastal Flood Hazard DatasetPlymouth UniversityChristopher Stokes
2015 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Review of odour management and monitoring in wastewater treatment plantsUniversity West of ScotlandBrian Quinn
Review of EU management of small rural water suppliesUniversity of DundeeSarah Hendry
Natural Flood Management measures and migratory fishUniversity of GlasgowJennifer Dodd
Getting the most from your soil: practical guidanceScotland’s Rural CollegeJoanna Cloy
e-learning: Local water solutions for global challengesUniversity of StrathclydeRobert Kalin
Design and build guidance for RSuDS to collect/intercept field or steading run-offAbertay UniversityAlison Duffy
2014 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Sustainable Rural Communities: Comunity PilotsGlasgow Caledonian UniversityPaul Teedon
The epidemiology and disease burden potential relating to private supplies in ScotlandUniversity of AberdeenNorval Strachan
Learning from community led flood risk management – Carse of StirlingHeriot Watt UniversityLindsay Beevers
Innovative solutions for sustainable drinking water treatment at small to medium scalesAbertay UniversityDavid Blackwood
Hydro-literacy: How do we increase public understanding of the benefits provided by waterAbertay UniversityAlison Duffy
Inspiring environmental monitoring in Scotland: a review of innovative approaches to monitoring the aquatic environmentGlasgow Caledonian UniversityKarin Helwig
The value of Scotland’s water resources phase II: the concept in practice for the water industry (legal analysis)University of DundeeSarah Hendry
Effect of soil structure and field drainage on water quality and flood risksUniversity of AberdeenPaul Hallett
National Coastal Change AssessmentUniversity of GlasgowJim Hansom
Practical measures for reducing pollutant load from septic tanksCEH & University of AbertayLinda May & Joseph Akunna
SRDP guidance for RSuDSUniversity of AbertayRebecca Wade
Method to assess the role of catchment management in helping to protect and improve drinking water quality in a cost-effective wayUniversity of DundeeChristopher Spray
2013 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
SRDP – assessing potential water and soil quality options, their evidence base and potential to deliver multiple benefitsUniversity of StirlingDavid Oliver
Supporting Marine Spatial Planning with local socio-economic dataSAMSTavis Potts
Assessing the effectiveness of SEPA’s flood risk advice in planning decisionsUniversity of DundeeTom Ball
Scottish water sector overview mapUniversity of AbertayDavid Blackwood
Land management for increased flood resilienceUniversity of DundeeChristopher Spray
Surface water flood forecasting for urban communitiesCEH & The Met OfficeRobert Moore & Alan Motion
2012 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Implementation of source control for SUDS in ScotlandUniversity of AbertayAlison Duffy
Consideration of the impacts of coastal erosion in flood risk maangement appraisalsUniversity of GlasgowJim Hansom
Review of literature to determine the uses for ozone in the treatment of water and wastewaterCranfield UniversityPeter Jarvis
Review to understand the impact of the policy of switching from chlorine to chloramines and the effects on lead and copper corrosionUniversity of StrathclydeBruce Postlethwaite
Review of “an assessment of the vulnerability of Soctland’s river catchments and coasts to the impacts of climate change”University of GlasgowJim Hansom
Optimising WFD delivery using an ecosystem services approach: developing a methodologyUniversity of DundeeChristopher Spray
Assessment of feasibility of co-digestion of feedstocksUniversity of StrathclydeBruce Postlethwaite
Insurance provision and affordiblity in flood risk areasUniversity of DundeeTom Ball
Allan Water Natural Flood ManagementUniversity of StirlingDavid Gilvear
Review good practice in communicating uncertainty related to flood riskHeriot Watt UniversityGina Netto
Review impacts/risks of water related known unknowns, and review/evaluate monitoring methodologies to identify sources and impactsHeriot Watt UniversityMark Hartl
Critically review methodologies to identify sources and pathways for urban diffuse pollution and identify measures/treatments with multiple benefitUniversity of AbertayRebecca Wade
2011 Projects:
Project TitleInstitutionName of PI
Linking catchments and coastsSAMSTavis Potts
Fully integrated catchment planningUniversity of DundeeChristopher Spray
Coastal FloodingUniversity of DundeeSue Dawson
Diffuse pollution managementUniversity of StirlingDavid Oliver
River functioning and resilienceUniversity of StirlingDavid Gilvear
Water, health and well-beingHeriot Watt UniversityJoe Roe
Natural flood management knowledge systemHeriot Watt UniversityScott Arthur
Evaluating science: policy: practice interfacesUniversity of St AndrewsIoan Fazey
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