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Lots of new roles available at Marine Scotland

Marine Scotland are currently seeking applications to fill vacancies within the Science and Policy divisions, based in Aberdeen, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

In January 2022, Crown Estate Scotland will announce the successful applicants to the ScotWind offshore wind leasing round and a new phase of offshore wind farm construction will commence in Scottish waters helping Scotland meet its Net Zero targets, become carbon neutral by 2045 and tackle the climate emergency.

Marine Scotland is responsible for identifying where the ScotWind projects will be located, administering the related offshore planning consents, and ensuring that projects are delivered in an environmentally sustainable manner. We need to grow our teams to support the delivery of ScotWind and Scotland’s offshore wind ambitions.

The Renewable Energy Environmental Advice (REEA) Group in Marine Scotland Science is recruiting ten posts to ensure continued delivery of specialist scientific advice to regulators and policy makers. The new posts will provide scientific advice on offshore renewable energy projects, and help to build the evidence base relied upon by decision makers. This will ensure that our advice continues to be supported by the best available evidence, and that research undertaken and commissioned by Marine Scotland addresses the most important knowledge gaps facing the sustainable development of offshore renewables.

The roles will require close working with other divisions within the Scottish Government, including the Licensing Operations Team and the Planning & Strategy team within Marine Scotland.

The roles currently (or soon to be) advertised in Marine Scotland Science are:

Other roles are available in the Marine Scotland Licensing Operations Team and Marine Planning & Strategy team. You will find the vacancies listed on the Scottish Government’s Work for Scotland website: Scottish Government (



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