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Benthic Ecologist Specialist – Natural England

Closing date: 23:55 22nd August

Salary: £26,224

Role Description  

A challenging but rewarding role working with an experienced and knowledgeable team of marine specialists to help shape the organisations work on your specialism in marine ecology, plan marine monitoring within Natural England and provide specialist advice on reducing and mitigating the impacts of coastal and offshore developments.

The post holder will interpret habitat & species evidence and apply judgement using their specialism to provide effective, practical advice to stakeholders and colleagues within Natural England. They will work to enhance the marine evidence base for their specialism with the aim of protecting and enhancing nature at the extensive intertidal coastline and beneath the sea within English waters. As a national Marine Ecology and Species Specialist, you may advise on monitoring, or on reducing impacts of projects from Land’s End to the Solway Firth including the East Atlantic and English Channel.

Key tasks/principal accountabilities

  • Support, maintain and develop the understanding of Natural England’s needs for an evidence base related to marine and intertidal ecology – for example, to support the continued implementation of Marine Strategy Framework Directive, review of conservation advice packages, Marine Protected Area Condition Assessment and management following designation.
  • Assist in developing risk-based monitoring programmes to inform condition on protected sites and the wider marine environment – considering the appropriateness of different monitoring tools.
  • Work with colleagues to maximise opportunities with key partner organisations and where appropriate, identify other external mechanisms for developing marine habitat and species evidence and ecological enhancement projects.
  • Utilise the evidence and apply your own judgement in your specialist area to advise other bodies to help deliver their role and responsibilities such as Defra, the Joint Nature Conservancy Council and Marine Management Organisation.
  • Help maintain and develop the suite of standards and technical guidance related to marine monitoring and marine evidence for operational staff.
  • Contribute towards the marine monitoring and skills training programme, and support relevant individuals as deemed appropriate with Team Leader.
  • Support appropriate internal & external networks to assist broader development of understanding and capability.
  • Maintain appropriate external visibility of Natural England’s evidence and expertise – for example through collaboration leading to development of peer-reviewed papers.

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