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Communication & Public Engagement Officer – Blue Hope Alliance (2 days a week)

Location:  North West Highlands

Reporting to:  The Steering Committee for the Blue Hope Alliance

Contract period:  1 year initial contract, to be renewed for 2nd year with funding

Part-time: 0.4 pro rata / 2 days per week,

Contract Fee:  £12,000 per year (0.4 of £30,000 per year)

Closing date:  9am 22nd August 2022

Project Overview

The Blue Hope Alliance is a cross-sector citizen science survey collaboration between groups in the North West Highlands, built to support better understanding of the underwater ecosystems. It was initially centred around the Wester Ross Marine Protected Area (MPA) but now extends across the north-west. The Alliance’s core aim is to encourage the cross-sector sharing of knowledge and resources to foster a more holistic ecosystems approach and enable more participation, whilst building greater custodianship to restore our once rich seas.

BHA emerged out of an initiative started by members of the community, local fishermen and divers and supported by volunteer marine scientists. It is now an established citizen science survey alliance, needing the development of a dedicated Project Officer.

Our shared interest is in the discovery, mapping and monitoring of marine species and habitats as well as monitoring change in the area, where resources allow. We work for an ecosystem approach to conservation, a restoration of fisheries and a more sustainable coastal economy. To date, the current partners have multiple surveys recording key habitats within Wester Ross, focused on maerl and flame shell beds. The Alliance wants to engage the wider community more and build awareness of our surveys & archives to attract more visibility, participation, custodianship, and scientific engagement.

Job Responsibilities Overview

The project officer’s key responsibility will be to communicate the rich visual resources, reports and findings of the BHA archive to the local and wider community, S/he will continue to curate and report on the archive, develop and co-ordinate public engagement activities, events and future citizen science surveys, generating better community knowledge and training.

The Project Officer will manage the next stage of developing the Blue Hope Alliance through the whole North West Highland area and co-ordinate application for an award of a Mission Blue Hope Spot, a globally recognised status:(https://

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