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Postdoctoral Researcher in marine biological sciences, bioengineering, microbiology – University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Title: Postdoctor; Subject areas: marine biological sciences, bioengineering, microbiology
 Location: Universitets platsen 1 Gothenburg, Sweden
 Published: 2023-02-03
 Application deadline: 2023-04-30 23:59:59
 Job type: Postdoc


Project Description

Alternatives to traditional fish feed ingredients such as fishmeal, corn and soy are urgently needed to improve the sustainability of aquaculture production to ensure that it can continue to provide high quality seafood as an integral part of human diets. At the same time, many nutrients are currently lost from feeds in aquaculture production which could be captured and revalorized. This position is part of an EU-funded project to improve productivity of controlled-environment agriculture (CEA) systems through improved valorization of waste streams. As such, the post-doc will explore economically viable revalorization solutions centred around how waste nutrients or energy from other industries can be incorporated back into feed production, or how wastes from fish farms can repurposed into systems such as aquaponics. For instance, we will look at how to develop aquafeeds and feed supplements using primary producers such as microalgae, bacteria, archaea, yeasts and other single-celled organisms, as well as incorporating other innovative feed sources such as polycheates, mealworms or black soldier fly larvae into fish diets. We will draw heavily on knowledge and technology from other fields such as biofuel production and wastewater management to address challenges of producing better feeds and feed enhancers, as well as reducing waste nutrient and energy outputs for aquaculture within the context of a circular bioeconomy.


Candidates require a doctoral degree in bioengineering, microbiology or molecular biology, marine biology, or a related discipline. It would be advantageous to have prior experience with freshwater or marine aquaculture or aquaponics. Please note clearly if you have any background in technical operation of aquariums, aquaculture tanks or bioreactors, as well as experience in hydroponic, plant nutrition or irrigation systems.  In addition to exemplary teamwork and communication skills, the position will involve project planning and coordination (experimental design, purchasing, logistics), thus requiring demonstrated independence in that regard.


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