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Research Associate for trait-based modelling of zooplankton – University of Strathclyde

Location: Glasgow
Salary: £34,308 fixed due to restrictions on grant funding
Hours: Full Time
Contract Type: Fixed-Term/Contract – 2 years
Placed On: 23rd January 2023
Closes: 20th February 2023

Formal interviews for this post will be held in late February/early March.

A 24-month postdoctoral Research Associate position is available in Strathclyde’s Marine Science group, focused on trait-based modelling of zooplankton in the past and future North Sea. The position is part of the NERC Ecowings project, which aims to advise policymakers on the consequences of offshore windfarm development for seabirds and the larger ecosystem of the northern North Sea. Zooplankton form a crucial link between the physical and biogeochemical aspects of ocean change (warming, transport, primary production) and conservation concerns at higher trophic levels (seabirds, wild fish, and marine mammals, via forage fish like sandeel and sprat), and this modelling project aims to “climate-proof” the advice that arises from Ecowings, by developing next-generation multi-decadal projections across a size spectrum of zooplankton.

The research associate will join an active, interdisciplinary community of ocean and population modellers in the Strathclyde Department of Mathematics and Statistics, as well as having the opportunity for visits to diverse project partners across the UK and the international trait-based marine science community. A PhD in oceanography, mathematical ecology, or a related discipline is required, as are excellent programming and communication skills.

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