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Research Associate position in Paleoceanography – University of Cambridge

Location: Cambridge
Salary: £34,308 to £42,155
Hours: Full Time
Contract Type: Fixed-Term/Contract – 22 months
Placed On: 3rd March 2023
Closes: 14th April 2023

Applications are invited for a Post-doctoral Research Associate position in Paleoceanography, for a fixed-term of 22 months as part of the project Resolving asynchronous responses of North Atlantic climate to deglacial changes in ocean circulation (ASYNC) funded by NERC. The post holder will be based at the Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, and will work under the guidance of Dr Francesco Muschitiello.

Greenland ice cores and North Atlantic marine records show clear evidence of concomitant rapid climate and deep-ocean circulation shifts during the last deglaciation. It is widely accepted that these climate shifts involved large variations in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) via changes in high-latitude North Atlantic Deep Water (NADW) formation and export. However, due to limitations with the precision and accuracy of paleoceanographic timescales, there remain uncertainties as to whether North Atlantic abrupt climate shifts were forced or reinforced by changes in deep-water circulation. The project will determine the response time of North Atlantic climate to changes in NADW flow by aligning the timescales of Greenland ice cores and North Atlantic marine records using high-resolution reconstructions of meteoric 10Be –a globally synchronous signal of past solar activity. The Post-doctoral Research Associate will employ the synchronization results to generate high-resolution records of ocean ventilation and deep-water flow from marine sediment cores from the Nordic Seas and northern North Atlantic over the last deglaciation.

The successful candidate will have experience in many of the following areas including foraminiferal speciation, stable isotope analyses, preparation of foraminifera for radiocarbon analysis, sortable silt grain-size analysis, age-depth modelling. The essential duties of the position are i) preparation of marine sediment samples for foraminiferal-based geochemical analyses, ii) speciation of foraminiferal samples, iii) conducting radiocarbon measurements. The project will ultimately improve our understanding of the relative phasing between abrupt climate shifts and changes in NADW and AMOC strength.

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