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Research Fellow – SMRU, University of St Andrews (18 month)

We are seeking to appoint a post-graduate research assistant for a period of 18 months starting September 2022 or as soon as possible thereafter.  The successful candidate with be based in the Sea Mammal Research Unit (SMRU) within the School of Biology.

The post is funded by the Scottish Government as part of a Marine Mammal Scientific Support grant to SMRU to study the interactions between marine mammals and tidal turbines, and by Mentor Môn to develop techniques and investigate marine mammal behaviour in relation to the MORLAIS tidal project ( Concerns about the impacts of tidal energy on marine mammals derive primarily from the potential for injury or mortality as a result of direct interactions (collisions) between animals and moving rotors of tidal devices. However, the true risks posed by turbines remain uncertain due to a paucity of information on how marine mammals utilize tidal habitats and how they behave in close proximity to operating tidal turbines.

This project, led by Dr Gordon Hastie at SMRU forms part of a collaborative research effort with Dr Line Cordes at Bangor University, and aims to address these data gaps by measuring the behaviour of marine mammals in tidal habitats and around an operational tidal turbine. It will use a suite of cutting-edge technologies (active and passive acoustics, and seal tags) to track the movements and behaviour of marine mammals.

Job page and application here

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