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2019 Vidcasts

To view vidcast interviews from the 2019 ASM click on the images below.

The ASM goes from strength to strengthProfessor David Paterson (MASTS Exececutive Director), discusses the 2019 Annual Science Meeting and is looking forward to hosting the 10th ASM in 2020 – he spoke to Kelvin Boot.

The Five Deeps
Alan Jamieson spoke with Kelvin Boot about his involvement in the five deeps exhibition, which gave him a unique opportunity to study the oceans’ greatest depths, with all the weird and wonderful organisms that live down there. Before moving to Newcastle University, Alan was a MASTS lecturer, so we were delighted to welcome him back to provide an ASM plenary talk.

Marine Climate Change
In the spring of 2019, Scotland’s first Minister declared a “climate change emergency”. Hannah Lee recorded an interview with Bee Berx, Climate Change Science Lead at Marine Scotland Science.

Marine Invasive Species
Kelvin Boot spoke with MASTS ASM plenary Speaker, Prof Sergej Olenin (Klaipeda University, Lithuania), about the precautionary approach that he thinks should be applied to invasive species.

We all need to be bolder!
James Rimmer spoke with Colin Moffat, Chief Scientific Advisor (Marine) for Scottish Government. Colin gave a rousing final talk at the 2019 ASM, culminating in a call to action for all of us to be BOLDER!

Blue carbon
James Rimmer spoke to MASTS student, Hannah Lee (Heriot Watt University) about blue carbon in bivalve habitats.

Mudflats & multiple stressors
Hannah Lee spoke to MASTS Grad School student, James Rimmer (St Andrews University) about his e-poster and work looking at the effects of multiple stressors on intertidal mudflats.

Kelvin Boot recorded an interview with Connie Simon-Nutbrown (Heriot Watt University and runner-up of the best student e-poster prize) about her work developing a model to predict the distrbution of maerl, a coralline alga that not only provides valuable habitat but also sequesters blue carbon.

Flapper Skate
James Rimmer spoke with MASTS Grad School student, Edward Lavender (St Andrews University) about his work studying the movement and ecology of Flapper Skate. Edward won the prize for best student talk given at the ASM.

Marine Spatial Planning
Kelvin Boot interviewed Chris Leakey who had co-delivered a talk about marine spatial planning in the 21st Century, illustrating Scottish innovation and the role of science.

European oyster
Hannah Lee spoke with Erica Chapman from St Abbs Marine Station about the spatial variability of native European oyster in Loch Ryan.

Women in Scottish Aquaculture
Hannah Lee talks to Rob McLean (Aquaculture Policy Manager at Scottish Government) about the careers in aquaculture talk he was delivering at the Women in Scottish Aquaculture (WISA) inititive.

Marine mammals and noise
Ewan Edwards, a MASTS Graduate School alumnus, now working for Marine Scotland Science talks about monitoring marine mamals and noise in the west of Scotland using underwater listening devices.

Scottish Seabird Centre
Charlotte Foster joined the ASM as an exhibitor and spoke with Kelvin Boot about her experience.

Are there enough fish in the sea?
Anneli Lofsted (University of Aberdeen) spoke to Hannah Lee about her talk “European fish availablity and nutritional aspirations: are there enough fish in the sea?”

Territorial user rights fisheries
Hannah Lee talks to Prof Michel Kaiser (Heriot Watt University), about territorial user rights fisheries.

Blue Carbon Audit
Dr Joanne Porter from Heriot Watt University talks about the Blue Carbon Audit of Orkney Waters.

Decommissioning & Wreck Removal workshop
David Paterson reflects on the annual MASTS/SUT workshop.

Reflections from Moya Crawford
Moya Crawford is one of the organising committee for the MASTS/SUT ASM workshop. She shared her impressions of the workshop with Kelvin Boot.

Pipelines and artifical reefs
Kelvin Boot interviews Michael Redford from SAMS about his work looking into the option of leaving pipeline protection materials in place as artifical reefs.

Learning from each other
Prof Mike Elliot from Hull University is a regular speaker at the MASTS/SUT workshop. He summed up the workshop for Kelvin Boot and reflected how the Decom stakeholders were now listening to and learning from each other.

Decomm and the circular economy
Charlotte Stamper from Zero Waste Scotland spoke with Kelvin Boot about decommissioning challenges and the circular economy.

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