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MASTS Climate Statement

MASTS Climate Commitment

MASTS is committed to reducing its environmental impact and acknowledges the Scottish Government’s climate emergency declaration in May 2019.

We will work together across our membership to:

  • Use our cutting-edge research and researchers to develop solutions to the challenges posed by climate change.
  • Understand the behaviours, and behavioural change needed to reduce our carbon footprint and impact.
  • Demonstrate practical leadership by promoting sustainability and social responsibility.
  • Engage and empower existing and future generations with the knowledge and confidence to protect our aquatic and marine ecosystems.
  • Collaborate within the sector and with other public and private organisations, both academically and practically, to share good practice on climate change mitigation and adaptation.
  • Use knowledge exchange activities and give members the opportunity to become environmentally literate and to build environmental sustainability into their working and personal lives.

We recognise the scale and speed of climate change, and the likely effect on global populations and places, impacting adversely on economies, society, and the environment. We know there is more that each of us can do, and MASTS will strive to help deliver a more sustainable future through our research, teaching and our own behaviour too.

MASTS Resources

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