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Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland

Research Forums

Welcome to the MASTS Research Forums

MASTS Research Forums form the major scientific driving force of the MASTS community. Forums are designed to be dynamic platforms of networking and knowledge exchange in specific areas of research, and act as centre points for expertise and excellence within the marine science community.


The 3 Research Themes will identify and support specific areas of work through the Forums. These may be proposed by groups of MASTS members but may also be dissolved where lack of activity does not support their continuation. Forums are responsible for developing their research agendas, project consortia and undertaking targeted Knowledge Exchange activities.
Each Forum has one or more elected Convenors and an appointed Steering Group. Forums should report back to the MASTS Executive Committee at least once each year to provide a brief account of progress against each of the agreed objectives of the Forum.

If you are interested in proposing the development of a Forum, please contact MASTS to discuss your ideas in the first instance.

Objectives & Benefits

Facilitating networking, exchange of information and research submissions by bringing together people and expertise through regular meetings, workshops and retreats.

Identifying research gaps, priorities, emerging issues, and funding mechanisms. Inclusion of Early Career Researchers, introduction to research landscape and encouragement of grant applications.

Creating outputs and securing appropriate scientific representation on strategically important bodies to ensure feedback to the MASTS community. Developing a structured approach to the provision of impartial advice to key stakeholders.

Communicating & trans-lating research outputs to key stakeholders and developing a co-ordinated approach to interactions with funding bodies, Government and other stakeholders.

Proactively developing a national, regional & sec-torally relevant strategic research agenda to provide direction and a measure of priority to research in the particular area.

MASTS Research Forums

Aquatic Stressors

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Deep Sea

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Fisheries Science

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Marine Artificial Intelligence

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Marine Climate Change

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Marine Planning & Governance

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Marine Renewable Energy

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Numerical & Experimental Hydrodynamic Modelling

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Oil & Gas Environmental Research

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Sustainable Aquaculture

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