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Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland

Numerical & Experimental Hydrodynamic Modelling Forum

Welcome to the MASTS Numerical & Experimental
Hydrodynamic Modelling Forum

This Forum provides a platform for knowledge exchange (information, education, networking), enabling the MASTS community to collaborate on Hydrodynamic Modelling Research. As models are used to simulate numerous oceanic activities, their broad range of applications require the expertise of a wide variety of disciplines.

Ocean wave
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Background & Objectives

Established within the Dynamics and Properties of Marine Systems Research Theme, the MASTS Numerical and Experimental Hydrodynamic Modelling (NEHM) Forum exists to promote numerical and experimental hydrodynamic modelling within Scotland, and to provide a platform for bringing together the scientific community to address current and future research needs.

Both numerical and physical models are used to simulate estuarine, coastal and ocean-scale flows, and as such have a broad range of applications, from environmental assessment, to marine energy, to climatology. MASTS members have research expertise in these areas, which can be seen below.

Sound of Islay LES simulation. Dr. Angus Creech, University of Edinburgh.
  • Interacting with the different communities which have an interest in hydrodynamic modelling.
  • Engaging with new partners and promoting collaboration across disciplines to further hydrodynamic modelling research.
  • Ensuring greater output and providing databases for those interested in hydrodynamic modelling.
  • Discussing and helping to deliver the best scientific knowledge available.
Forum Activities

Soon to come: Modelling of Scottish Coastal Waters – A Roadmap for Enabling Stewardship

Like many scientific areas, the modelling of Scottish Coastal Waters is a diverse and evolving topic. Even practitioners in the area can find it difficult to keep track of the broadening applications and new technological approaches. This Roadmap, created by the NEHM Forum, aims at serving as a “living document” to provide access to this topic by gathering relevant information in a single place and allowing new information and ideas to be contributed by the community.
The Roadmap will soon be linked here – Sign up to the MASTS Newsletter to stay in the loop!

Marine Ecosystem Modelling

The Marine Science Coordination Committee (MSCC) and MASTS are working with ecosystem modellers across the UK to increase the impact of ecosystem models on policy development and management. Learn more about MASTS members and their work with MSCC here.
How can ecosystem models be used to support marine management and policy? Find out more here!

Crown Copyright, created as part of the Fizzyfish Project (MF1228)

Rory O’Hara Murray
– Marine Directorate

Physical Oceanographer

Interests: Marine Renewable Energy | Oceanography | Environmental Issues for Offshore Renewable Energy | Modelling Hydrodynamics of fast tidal stream | Tidal-stream turbines and blue economy

Steering Group
Alan Cuthbertson (University of Dundee), David K Woolf (Heriot-Watt University), Dominic van der A (University of Aberdeen), Dmitry Aleynik (SAMS), Momchil Terziev (University of Strathclyde), Philip Gillibrand (Mowi ASA, formerly Marine Harvest ASA), Simon Waldmann (Heriot-Watt University), Soizic Garnier (MSS) and Ted Schlicke (SEPA).
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