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Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland

Marine Biodiversity, Function and Services

Marine Biodiversity, Function and Services

Theme leader: Prof Teresa Fernandes (Heriot Watt University)

The link between the diversity, distribution in space and time, and resilience of marine organisms is central to this theme. In addition, the role of marine biodiversity in supporting ecosystem function and providing ecosystem services across the variety of marine habits, from coastal wetlands and estuaries to the deep sea, are included.

This theme encompasses research on the societal value that is placed on marine habitats and the socio-economic impacts of exploitation and climate change.

The scope of this theme is central to the Scottish Government research agenda for 2011-16. Maintaining marine ecosystem goods and services and addressing the challenges of climate change are vital to the Scottish economy and the management of ecosystems is essential for the conservation of key habitats and species.

This theme will be led by Prof Teresa Fernandes who has over 20 years experience of coastal and marine environments. This theme will develop the MASTS strategy in the area of biodiversity and ecosystem services in order to contribute to our fundamental knowledge in this area and to inform national and international governments and organisations.

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