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Model Summaries

The UK is a leader in marine ecosystem modelling, and has developed many classes of ecosystem models. This is a very complex landscape, so simple summaries of 14 different UK shelf ecosystem and community models have been produced. These include a brief summary of the model, description of validated models, existing and potential new uses, modelling issues, key references and point of contact.

Below are links to single page descriptions of featured models:

  • Atlantis – summary and web
  • Coupled Community Size-Spectrum Model (CCSSM) – summary
  • Ecopath with Ecosim – summary and web
  • European Regional Seas Ecosystem Model (ERSEM) – summary and web
  • Fish community size-resolved model (FCSRM) – summary
  • Fishsums – summary and web
  • GETM-ERSEM-BFM – summary and web 
  • Length-based Multispecies Analysis by Numerical Simulation (LeMANS) – summary
  • NEMO MEDUSA – summary and publication
  • Multispecies Size Spectrum Ecological Modelling in R (MIZER) – summary and web
  • Population-Dynamical Matching Model (PDMM) – summary and book
  • Species Size Spectrun Model (SSSM) – summary and more
  • Strathclyde End-to-End Model (StrathE2E) – summary and web
  • Strathclyde Spatial Population Dynamics Model (StrathSPACE) – summary

Contact details for each model can be found in the summary documents.

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