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CoP 26 and MASTS

The delayed and critical UN CoP26 climate negotiations are due to take place in Glasgow in November 2021.MASTS share the ambition with so many others that this is a turning point for transformative action at the global, national and local levels, and that these responsibilities are not just on the shoulders of government and major corporates, but also find synergy with actions from organisations, smaller businesses and citizens.

2021-2030 is also the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, so we seek to extend the momentum from CoP26 to embrace further challenges and opportunities for ocean science to help drive positive outcomes for people and planet. Through 2021 we will be stimulating new, broader and deeper conversations about climate change and its intersection with marine science and may other related issues, disciplines and sectors.

We will showcase and promote important scientific messaging from our members and wider network, also engaging with the public and other professional networks. Our list of activities below will grow as 2021 progresses.

Dive-In Exhibition

Ocean ARTic

Just Transitions Artist Residency

RIS/KTN Workshops

RIS/KTN Workshops

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