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Broadcast Date
Speaker Title Keywords
3rd November 2017 Deborah Wood

Mineralogy of nanoparticulate and colloidal iron filtered from seawater

colloid; Iron; nanoparticulate; nanopartices; rivers; minerology; Mössbauer spectroscopy; biogeochemistry
5th October 2017 Elena Lo Giudice Cappelli Peat erosion in west Shetland voes: a substantial store of blue carbon in the coastal ocean or a stressor for benthic communities? peat; erosion; Shetland; blue carbon; coastal; benthic; biogeochemistry
5th October 2017 Danai Patsiou Establishing Standard Toxicity Testing for Engineered Nanomaterials (NPs) in the Aqueous Phase toxicity; nanoparticles; biogeochemistry
5th October 2017 Laura Hepburn Mineralogy of reactive iron species: Combining sequential extractions and Mössbauer spectroscopy iron; biogeochemistry; Mössbauer spectroscopy; Mössbauer; spectroscopy
5th October 2017 Babette Hoogakker New methods to assess ocean oxygenation in the past; examples from the Atlantic and Southern oceans ocean; oxygenation; Atlantic; Southern Ocean; biogeochemistry
5th October 2017 Bonnie Lewis Effects of biogeochemical change on Arctic primary productivity Arctic; primary productivity; biogeochemistry
5th October 2017 Rebecca MacPhearson New Marine Protected Area as a ‘stone-age’ blue carbon ‘hotspot’ MPAs; blue carbon; maerl; biogeochemistry
5th October 2017 Ben Taylor Carbon storage of the Eden estuary: What are the benefits of restoration? Eden Estuary; blue carbon; restoration; salt marsh; biogeochemistry
5th October 2017 Deborah Wood Iron-bearing colloids and nanoparticles: riverine delivery to Scotland’s coastal waters nanoparticles; biogeochemistry; iron colloids
4th July 2017 Dr Natalie Millán Aguiñaga Assessing the Biotechnological Potential of Antarctic and sub-Arctic Sediment Cores: A New Resource for Sustainable Antibiotics antibiotics; biotechnology; bio-prospecting; Actinomycetes; arctic; antarctic
9th May 2017 Amie Williams Webinar on UK Shark Tagging database internship SIORC; shark; tagging; database
9th May 2017 Brittany Jones Stop Copying Me! How Male Bottlenose Dolphins Communicate Bottlenose; dolphin; communication, cetaceans
20th April 2017 Peter Hayes & Gareth Jones MASTS Oil and Gas Environmental Research Forum “Oil and Gas Industry Briefing” oil; gas; briefing; NERC
6th April 2017 Dr Nick Dunstone Skilful predictions of the winter North Atlantic Oscillation climate/weather modelling; NAO
4th November 2016 Professor John Horne Environmental Monitoring at Marine Renewable Energy Sites monitoring; renewable; fisheries;
14th October 2016 Professor Georgios Tsirtsis Phytoplankton ecological variation in a regional sea: Do neutral or niche processes predominate? phytoplankton; Aegean; niche; neutral; ecology; regional seas
6th October 2016 Dr Zhang FangDr Anna Kintner and Morag Clinton Jellyfish, and their Impacts on Farmed Fish jellyfish; salmon; aquaculture; mortality
6th October 2016 Dr Lynette Loke Enhancing the ecological outcomes of artificial coastal defenses seawalls; diversity; assemblage; habitat; artificial; coastal defense
11th August 2016 Dr Franziska Broell Challenges of activity recognition in fish using accelerometer sensors microtags; accelerometers; fish behaviour; algorithms
4th July 2016 Dr Carlos Caceres Perez Building the first theoretical and experimental database for diatom short-term responses to changes in nutrient availability Primary production; phytoplankton; phosphorus; nutrient restriction
20th April 2016 Dr Sophie McCoy Responses of coralline algae at multiple scales over 3 decades of ‘natural’ ocean acidification Acidification; coralline; algae; mineralisation; CO2
3rd March 2016 Professor Jonathan Erez Biomineralization and palaeo-proxy development in foraminifera Biomineralisation; foraminifera; coccoliths; coccolithophores; climate; CO2
28th January 2016 Dr Cati Torres Valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem services. An overview from a management perspective Ecosystem services; marine; coastal; ecosystem management
10th August 2015 Professor William Ritchie Relative sea level change scenarios for regional Scottish coastlines Sea-level change; coastline; Scotland;
6th July 2015 Dr Theoni Photopoulou Looking at telemetry data from above and below: some technological and methodological thoughts of an animal movement ecologist Animal movement; ecology, tracking
18th June 2015 Dr Ruth Brennan Cultural transformations in the Scottish marine policy process: the story of Barra Anthropology; marine planning; policy; Barra
10th June 2015 Georgios Kazanidis Sponges in cold-water reefs in the North-east Atlantic Ocean Sponges; cold-water reefs; Atlantic
5th March 2015 Dr Crawford Revie and Dr Maya Groner Using data driven models to explore sea louse infestations on wild and farmed salmon Aquaculture; salmonids; sea louse; modelling
2nd February 2015 Dr Clare Maynard Coastal Management Techniques – Partnerships, policy and practice Coastal; management; salt marsh; restoration
22nd January 2015 Professor David Battisti Climate change and global food security Food security; climate change
26th November 2014 Professor David Battisti Recent decadal trends in the tropical Pacific and their impact on Antarctic and the Arctic Weather patterns; climate; Antarctic; Arctic
14th October 2014 Professor Robert Johnston Disentangling the value of water quality improvements across different ecosystem services Water quality; ecosystems
10th October 2014 Professor Stephen Salter Are nearly all tidal stream turbine designs wrong? Renewable energy; tidal stream; turbines
15th July 2014 Ian Reid and Dr Mark Begbie Introduction to CENSIS Sensors; imaging systems; technology
5th June 2014 Dr Matthew Palmer From the land of yellow submarines: The evolving role of Ocean Gliders Ocean glider; sensors; data collection
23rd May 2014 Georgia Bayliss-Brown Marine Climate Change Impacts Partnership recent activities and future work Climate change; impacts; marine
8th May 2014 Professor Daniel Ruzzante Genetic Diversity in salmonid populations: the role of life history diversity and habitat fragmentation Genetics; salmonids; population dynamics
21st March 2014 Mark McAllister and Paul Bonar Two Talks on Marine Energy from The Institute for Energy Systems (IES) University of Edinburgh Renewable energy; extreme waves; turbines; social and ecological factors
14th February 2014 Professor Stephen Salter Marine Cloud Brightening Cloud creation; reflection; climate change
31st January 2014 Dr Claire Golléty Measuring primary productivity and carbon fluxes in temperate coastal habitats Primary production; carbon flux; coastal zone
21st November 2013 Dr Matthew Martin and Dr Fiona Carse Two talks from the Met Office Forecast Ocean Assimilation Model; FOAM; marine mammals; tracking; telemetry; modelling
20th November 2013 Dr Susan Gallon The moult in southern elephant seals the cost of losing it all Elephant seal; moulting; energetics
9th September 2013 Professor Mitsuhiro Kawase and Marisa Gedney Tidal Energy Extraction in an Idealized Ocean-Fjord Tidal Model with Astronomical Forcing Modelling; tidal energy; renewables
1st July 2013 Martyn Cox National Marine Plan Interactive (NMPi) – the journey so far…. Marine Scotland; graphical interface; marine planning
6th June 2013 Professor Alan Decho Bacteria, Chemical Communication and Nano-particles: Bio-films in the Environment and Disease Microbiology; nano-particles; bio-films
20th May 2013 Susan Chambers Why, What, Where, and How I Look at Worms Polychaetes; taxonomy; classification
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