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Just Transitions Artist Residency

Just Transitions Artist Residency

In a collaboration with Lyth Arts Centre in Wick, the MASTS Marine Renewable Energy Forum and People Ocean Planet initiative supported artist Morag Currie in a residency through spring and summer 2021, using traditional music techniques to engage public audiences while exploring the topic of marine renewable energy and ‘just transitions’.

Her work titled “Taming Ægir” premiered on the 16th October 2021 as part of the Lyth Art Centre’ Nothern Lights Festival. Watch a montage video below!

In February 2022, the 11 track album Taming Ægir was released on Soundcloud and Youtube. 


Watch Sets and Lulls here

This innovative and experimental collaboration combined culture, community and science, aiming to improve understanding, engagement and conversation around ocean issues and opportunities in local communities. Topics explored include the coexistence of development and nature, the role of science in our lives and society’s relationship to the ocean and coast.

For more information see Environment Artist in Residence: Morag Currie – Lyth Arts Centre

Press coverage in the John O’Groat Journal and Caithness Courier: WATCH: Morag Currie new environment artist in residency at Lyth Arts Centre (

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