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Scotia-Canadian Ocean Research Exchanges (SCORE) scheme

Well done to our successful awardee’s of the MASTS and Ocean Frontiers Institute (OFI) Scotia-Canadian Ocean Research Exchanges (SCORE) scheme.

This scheme was provided through joint funding from MASTS and OFI. 

Ref numberTitleMASTS AwardeeMASTS Awardee institutionVisiting hostOFI institution
OFI/1/21Acoustic target classification of Arctic zooplanktonChelsey McGowan-YallopSAMSDr Maxime GeoffroyMemorial University of Newfoundland
OFI/3/21How fisheries release carbon and how fisheries management can help the climate change agenda whilst protecting marine biodiversityKatherine MorrisHWDr Peter TyedmersDalhousie University
OFI/5/21Latitudinal Diversity Gradient of Marine Diversity: A new quantitative approach integrating species similarity to determine and model the mechanisms supporting the global biogeography of biodiversityMatthew GraySTRATHProf Derek TittensorDalhousie University
OFI/6/21Population connectivity in two scallop species: a comparative simulation study of controlling factors in Scottish and North American stocksRhei AmmaturoSTRATHDr Wendy GentlemanDalhousie University
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