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Two MASTS members feature in One Ocean Summit discussion – recording available

The One Ocean Summit or the One Planet Summit for the Ocean is a three-day conference happening in Brest, France from 9 – 11th February. The goal of the One Ocean Summit is to raise the collective level of ambition of the international community on marine issues and to translate our shared responsibility to the ocean into tangible commitments.

On 9 and 10 February, more than thirty events (workshops, forums, roundtables and other initiatives) will be held ahead of the high-level segment, to engage the “international maritime community”, addressing a myriad topics of global scope to look at all dimensions of the ocean and propose solutions, beyond the existing status assessments.

On 11 February in the morning, President Emmanuel Macron will bring together a small but determined group of Heads of State and Government, leaders of multilateral institutions, business leaders and civil society policymakers to take ambitious commitments. Several important initiatives will be launched on this occasion in favour of marine ecosystem protection and sustainable fisheries, intended to fight pollution, in particular from plastics, respond to the impacts of climate change, as well as advocate for improved governance of the oceans.

On the 10th February the  “The Ocean Provider, 2030” panel discussion focussed on the ocean as a space for solutions: marine resources contribute to nourishing, healing and providing new energies. In the session MASTS members, Michel Kaiser (Heriot Watt University) and David Little (University of Stirling). Michel spoke of benefits of using technology to assist with global fisheries management and David  highlighted some of the challenges facing aquaculutre, particulalry in food-deficit countries.

Watch from the start of the session here.

Watch Michel speaking here.

Watch David speaking here

Michel is in a suit and has a microphone in his hand as he presents. in the bottom left, there is a box that says his name and 'professor of fisheries conservation at Heriot Watt Univeristy'.
Michel Kaiser
David Little sits in front of pale background. The box underneath says his name and 'professor of aquatic resources development at the University of Stirling'.
David Little
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