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Fluid Mechanics Research Group facilities – University of Aberdeen

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory houses excellent research facilities, including a range of large open channel flumes, a wave flume, an oscillatory flow tunnel and various porous media and gravity current facilities. The Group’s structural research is supported with a number of facilities for large-scale testing of structural assemblies which are spread out across the School’s Structures Laboratory, the Cement and Concrete Laboratory, the Materials Laboratory and the Dynamics and Control Laboratory. A dedicated team of experienced technicians in these labs and the Engineering Workshop provide all necessary support. Facilities
Aberdeen Open Channel Facility (AOCF)
Aberdeen Oscillatory Flow Tunnel (AOFT)
Aberdeen University Random Wave Flume (AURWF)
Armfield Flume
Open Channel and Sediment Re-Circulation Flume
Geotechnics Towing Channel
Swash Rig

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