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RV Seòl Mara

Designed in 1972, Seòl Mara is a 10.4m general purpose MCA standard category 3 research vessel, well suited to use in confided upper reaches of

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Rib: Uisge

The perfect RIB for checking on deployed equipment, student trips (especially at the Falls of Lora) and simple tows and scientific equipment can be used

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RV Scotia

Operating from her home port in Aberdeen, Scotia is used for fi sh stock assessment and environmental monitoring in the North Sea and north Atlantic

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RV Alba Na Mara

Operating from her home port of Fraserburgh, the vessel is used for fish and shellfish stock assessment and environmental monitoring in the North Sea and

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Smaller vessels

one of which is dedicated to the ecosystem monitoring site located 3 nautical miles from Stonehaven, 15 miles south of Aberdeen. This site has been

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RV Serpula

RV Serpula is a 8m custom built vessel commissioned in 1999, based on an 8 m LOA GRP Kingfisher hull. She is equipped for scientific

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RV Aurora

6.2 m Cheetah Marine Catamaran with pole mount, either for surveys from Gills Bay (Pentland Firth) or around northern Scotland via road trailer

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SV Moder Dy

Inshore Survey Vessel A 13.7 m long MCA area Category 2 workboat with twin Caterpillar engines producing 560 Hp. Maneuverable and economic she is equipped

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