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Seabed Mapping Technologies

The combination of side-scan sonar and multibeam bathymetry provides a powerful seabed mapping tool. Seabed morphology and surface sediment, bedform and textural information which can

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Moorings are collections of instruments that are connected to a wire that is often anchored on the sea floor. Our moorings are long-term moorings deployed

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SAMS has a long history of producing drifting platforms and developing satellite communications and advanced GPS techniques for drifters. We have significant experience not only

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UK Lander Centre

Over the years SAMS has developed scores of different landers for biogeochemical seafloor investigations, including chamber, profiling and eddy landers. We have also developed a

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Marine Laboratory

Based in Aberdeen, it has a strong focus on fisheries (demersal, pelagic) and shellfisheries, there has always been an environmental component to the science, and

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Marine Robotics

Using a multitude of flying and diving robots the experienced and skilled staff and students at SAMS’ Scottish Marine Robotics Facility develop, adapt, deploy and

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Experimental resources

St Abbs Marine Station has: Twin intake pipes and state-of-the-art distribution system to provide the entire facility with a continuous supply of raw sea water

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Analytical Equipment

We have a wide range of analytical equipment, from Mass spectrometers to Microscopes. On the biological side, we have tissue culture and histology facilities, while

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Bioelectronics Unit

The Bioelectronics Unit is a research facility within the College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences. The Unit offers a broad range of expertise in

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