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Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland

MAST Scotland


The Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland (MASTS) consists of a consortium of Member and Associate Member institutions, but has no legal status.

In 2014, MAST-Scotland was established as a guarantee company and registered Charity to provide MASTS with a formal legal identity with the Charitable Purposes and Powers described below.


The Charitable Purposes of MAST-Scotland are to advance, and to encourage the advance of, marine science and technology in Scotland and elsewhere, and further thereto:

  1. Establish, undertake, manage, enable, encourage and promote research, communication and education across Scotland and elsewhere in relation to marine science and technology, and the marine environment and ecosystems;
  2. Provide information and support to members, other organisations, public bodies and governments and to inform marine policy and management; and
  3. Contribute to and enhance the public’s knowledge and understanding of the marine environment and ecosystems.

MAST-Scotland is able to lead projects on behalf of its member organisations, form binding agreements both nationally and internationally and provide a flexible means for the MASTS community to manage its funds in support of its charitable purposes. MAST-Scotland also possesses a PIC number which allows it to lead EU projects.

To find out more about how MAST-Scotland operates contact: Dr Mark James (MASTS Operations Director).

The MAST-Scotland Board consists of the following individuals:

  • Prof. Neil Simco (University of the Highlands and Islands ) – Chairman
  • Dr David Ferrier – (University of St Andrews)
  • Prof Nick Fyfe (Robert Gordon University)
  • Prof. John Baxter (Independent)
  • Moya Crawford (Independent)

The Secretariat for MAST-Scotland is provided by the MASTS Directorate based at the University of St Andrews.

Company Secretary: J. & H. Mitchell, W.S. of Pitlochry
Company Accountants and Auditors: Johnston Charmichael Chartered Accountants
Company Number: SC485726
Charity Number: SC045259
PIC Number: 934525840

Click here to view the MAST-Scotland Articles of Association

Click here to view MAST-S Privacy Statement.

MASTS Resources

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  • MASTS Publications


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