Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland


The MASTS Directorate

The MASTS Directorate is responsible for the day to day operation of MASTS and is led by a small team based at the University of St Andrews consisting of an Executive Director (Prof David Paterson), Operations Director (Dr Mark James) & Programme Co-ordinator & Deputy Dean of Grad School (Dr Emma Defew). We are assisted by a Finance Co-ordinator (Tanya Harkins), and where appropriate, cross-cutting administrative capacity from MASTS member institutions is brought together. The Dean of Graduate School is Dr Lois Calder.

In 2020, Dr Chris Leakey & Hannah Ladd-Jones joined the MASTS Directorate with a number of initiatives & actions. Both of them will be helping to develop the People Ocean Planet (POP) initiative, which was received kick-starter fundings from Vodafone UK, MASTS and the University of St Andrews. Chris has led a review of the performance of the Forums is developing an overarching plan to guide their future development as well as working alongside individual Forums to help them develop Forum-specific initiatives and outputs. Hannah is now leading on outreach and in addition to organising and hosting the MASTS online webinar series,and throughout 2020 she produced weekly MASTS CASTs to update the community on the latest news and events relevant to marine science. This activity is linked to an increase in social media outputs. Both Hannah and Chris are also now involved with helping to develop the programme and content for the online MASTS ASM event.

The MASTS Committee Structure
Governing Council

MASTS is overseen by the Governing Council (GC). The GC meets 2-3 times per year and is chaired by Prof Neil Simco of the University of the Highlands & Islands, and has the following representatives:

  • Dr David Ferrier (University of St Andrews)
  • Dr Ian Davies (Marine Scotland)
  • Prof William Kerr (University of Strathclyde)
  • Prof Selina Stead (University of Stirling)
  • Prof Jessie Kennedy (Edinburgh Napier University)
  • Prof Dan Haydon (University of Glasgow)
  • Prof Marion Campbell (University of Aberdeen)
  • Prof Garry Pender (Heriot Watt University)
  • Prof David Robertson (Edinburgh University)
  • Prof Sue Dawson (Dundee University)
Executive Committee

The MASTS Executive Committee (EC) meets 3 or 4 times per year and is populated by a representative of each of the institutional partners plus the Dean of the Graduate School (Dr Lois Calder), the Theme Leaders (in an ex-officio capacity), and is chaired by the Executive Director (Prof David Paterson).The EC has the following representatives:

  • Dr Trevor Telfer (University of Stirling)
  • Dr Dafne Eerkes-Medrano (Marine Scotland Science)
  • Dr David Bailey (University of Glasgow)
  • Dr William Sanderson (Heriot Watt University)
  • Dr David Ferrier (University of St Andrews)
  • Prof Nick Owens (SAMS)
  • Prof Karen Diele (Edinburgh Napier University)
  • Prof Mike Heath (University of Strathclyde)
  • Prof Paul Fernandes (University of Aberdeen)
  • Prof Brian Quinn (University West of Scotland)
  • Dr Meriwether Wilson/Prof Raja Ganeshram (Edinburgh University)
  • Dr Alejandro Gallego (DPMS Theme Leader)
  • Dr Andrew Johnson (Productive Seas Theme Leader)
  • Prof Teresa Fernandes (MBFS Theme Leader)
Advisory Committee

The MASTS Advisory Committee (AC) takes an active role in guiding the development of MASTS and meets twice a year. The AC is chaired by Prof Peter Liss and has the following representatives:

  • Prof Bill Ritchie (Independent advisor and Vice-Chair of AC)
  • Mr Peter Singleton (SEPA)
  • Prof Ed Hill (NOC)
  • Dr Jacqui McElhinney (Food Standards Scotland)
  • Prof John Baxter (Independent, and Honorary Prof. at St Andrews University )
  • Dr David Donnan (SNH)
  • Marappan Saravanan (DECC)
  • Graham Black (Director Marine Scotland)
  • Moya Crawford (Industry advisor)
  • Dr Richard Wakefield (IMarEST)
  • Steve Hall (SUT)
  • Prof Mark Inall (SAGES Director)
  • Dr Hermione Cockburn (Our Dynamic Earth)
  • Dr Tracey Shimmield (BGS)
MASTS Resources

We’re working behind the scenes to bring you a suite of useful, and updateable, resources including: 

  • Find an expert
  • Find facilities & equipment
  • MASTS Publications


If you would like to be updated when the resources section is live please let us know.