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Invitation to Tender: Reference : C23-0287-1813 Contract Title: Marine Plan-level Cumulative Effects Assessment (CEA) Project -JNCC

Background to Project
An increased demand for marine space requires adequate management by marine planners to ensure that biodiversity targets are not compromised and to reduce conflict between sectors and marine users.

The project is being run by a steering group made up of members including marine planning leads from multiple organisations and agencies across all/most administrations in the UK. This includes JNCC (project managers), NatureScot, Natural England, Natural Resources Wales, The Marine Management Organisation, Marine Directorate of Scottish Government and Cefas.

Project Aims:
1. To assess the relative merits of known cumulative assessment approaches, and their suitability for use at a strategic level during the preparation of marine plans.
2. To recommend a preferred approach to strategic level CEA for marine planners, including any method development that would further improve the approach.
3. To define data, evidence and research priorities to further refine CEA approach(es) for marine planning.

If interested in this project potential bidders are invited to download the following documents  and complete the acceptance form of our terms and conditions attached to the invitation to tender letter (ITT).

Invitation to Tender letter (ITT) – Proforma Form to be completed
Instructions for Tenderers (submission of bids) PS4a
Annex A
JNCC General terms and conditions
JNCC Quality Assurance Policy
PS12 rates for contractors
Conflict of Interest

Date for return of tender: Tuesday 31 October 2023 @ 09:00 hours
Proposed start date: w/b Monday 6 November 2023
Proposed end date: Friday 29 March 2024

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