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Marine Alliance for Science and Technology for Scotland

Research Projects

EduCO2cean Project

EduCO2cean was a European project that aims to communicate the importance to society of research on climate change and the ocean, with special emphasis on the Atlantic and the Baltic Sea.

EduCO2cean was focused on the involvement of students (15-17 years old) in initiatives aiming to communicate climate change impact and to promote environmental awareness, to achieve a more sustainable ocean environment. The project is focussed on the introduction of cutting edge science into the classroom in an efficient and rapid manner, and MASTS scientists will be responsible for producing some of the cutting edge information that will be used.

The general objectives of EDUCO2CEAN were:

  • Transmit to society the importance of research related to the impact of, adaptation to and mitigation of the effects of climate change in the ocean, through raising awareness in students with the corresponding implication this has on transference to society.
  • Coordinate the levels of primary, secondary and university education, generating collaborations and synergies between all bodies involved in the education system.
  • Train faculty in innovative methods which will allow them to increase their skills related to knowledge of cutting edge science in climate change in the ocean and their capacity to develop basic skills in their students through the introduction of this information into the curriculum.
  • Create complimentary support materials for the teachers, related to climate change in the oceans which will be valid for any zone of the Atlantic.
  • Increase the communication skills of secondary students; they thereby become disseminators of this knowledge to not just their schoolmates but to society as a whole.
  • Establish a collaborative network of teachers and students between countries in various regions and different latitudes of the Atlantic which will allow them to compare the local impacts to find common denominators and differential aspects.

Check out the website for details of international campus, teaching seminars and training, methodological guides, & a moodle course on climate change etc.

Check out the project’s video on Youtube:

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